History Behind Promise Rings

Promise rings are the sign of love, eternity and belongingness. The rings are worn by couples who have promised each other togetherness and foreverness till their last breath. The ring signifies their oneness and love for each other. It is given by the partner promising fidelity and a long time commitment of love and relationship.

As the name states, it is a promise made between couples for a lifelong relationship. The ring becomes the proof of their love. People usually wear a couple ring to show the world that they are engaged and committed to someone special. This stage of the relationship goes beyond the stage of dating. Now you are all set to lead your life with each other forever.


1477, is the year in which the engagement rings were exchanged for the first time in the world. The rings became a tradition first during the age of ancient Roman in the second century BC. From then the Britishers also started opting for this ritual from the sixteenth century. The rings of the old times were made up of gold. The poems were written with studded rubies and diamonds. The rings usually use to take longer time to get ready due to the efficient art of making. If you want to get more details about matching promise rings for couples, you may check out urcouple.

The promise rings of nowadays get ready in a limited period. This is due to the development of technology and pieces of machinery. The time consumed for making the rings have eventually reduced from decades to decades.

Promise rings of today’s time come in various patterns and designs that can be changed accordingly. People often get confused between a promise ring and a purity ring. A purity ring is something that is given by parents to their children, to friends or oneself whereas promise rings for couples are something exchanged between the couples dating each other for a long time.