Mandelin Reagent Test – Identify Illicit Substances Easily!

Mandelin Reagent is an effective test that is getting increasingly popular in food testing laboratories all over the world. It is a test that is conducted to identify any illicit substances and adulterants in drugs. Several drug tests are used for the same purpose, but the Mandelin Reagent test is considered most accurate.

A complete Mandelin test kit is available for the Mandelin Reagent Test, and it has all the needed materials and equipment for conducting the test safely. Some of the basic materials included in it are dropper, safety instructions, a Reagent bottle, and essential contact details. You are curious to know more about wimscilabs, find out here.

How to do a Mandelin Reagent test?

It is quite simple and easy to conduct a Mandelin Reagent test. Mandelin Reagent is in yellow color, which may change after being mixed with the sample. It has quite a short shelf life, so you must be careful while storing it as if it is not stored in the right conditions, then it will soon be spoiled.

To conduct a Mandelin Reagent test, you need to follow some simple steps. Drugs are mainly in three forms crystal, powder, and pills, and you can use any one of them for conducting the test. First, you need to create a drug sample on a ceramic surface to clearly visible it.

Add the Reagent and analyze the results

Now you need to add the Reagent to the sample to initiate the reactions and get the results. By adding Reagent and observing the sample’s color, you can get to learn about the presence of the illicit substance in the sample you have conducted the test on. If you want to evaluate the quantity and purity of the sample, then this test is not recommended.

To conclude, the Mandelin Reagent test is highly effective, and you can use it to find the presence of adulterants in a sample.