Phd Without Masters: Bypassing Is Good Too

Usually, the path of getting a PhD begins with a Bachelor’s degree and that it continues through a Master’s degree. But, it is now possible to skip Masters and bypass straight to a PhD degree. Indeed, it is not always easy and there may be a lot of twists and turns, however, taking the road less traveled from the undergraduate straight to PhD degree could be one of the best choices for you.

There are a lot of advantages to having a Masters degree first and that can help you approach finding a PhD degree but there are still the options to bypass this academic stage and go straight to PhD. Let’s take a look here what benefits we can get from having a PhD without a Masters.

  • When you take the road straight to PhD after getting your undergraduate degree or Bachelors’s degree, it will surely save your time and of course, money which is the most essential when we go for study. You do not have to spend all the time – day and night, and effort applying to another degree, and mostly, you will not need to spend and fund another additional year for your study.
  • Thought getting straight to PhD means you miss out on the academic level of Masters degree, a competed PhD degree can effectively supersede and surpasses it anyway. The same way that nobody can ask your GCSEs once you surpassed by having A-levels, this means that once you have a PhD, it will hardly matter about missing out a Master’s degree. In fact, the first-year study of PhD is similar to a Master’s degree and when you fail at your first-year stage, you may still be eligible for having a Master’s degree. Learn more about phd without masters on this site.

Yes, getting a Masters degree is still good but going straight to PhD will surely give you enough time and money to save.