Proper Arrangement Of Oven Racks

Microwave ovens are manufactured with a number of oven racks that are placed inside them. The cooking or baking vessel is then placed over these racks as per their feature, and that is when the confusion begins. Even the expert cooks find it a bit difficult to make the right notion about which try to fit in which rack. Therefore, here are some of the tricks listed that might provide you assistance in remembering the serial wise arrangement of the oven racks depending upon the kind of food item to be made and while placing any vessel in the microwave oven:

Top position: The oven rack is placed in the topmost layer of in the microwave when you need crispier and crunchy touch to your food such as garlic slices of bread, etc. positioning the tray in this place is known to the best for using boilers. Along with this, it is the most rapidly heating arrangement in the oven, so the user is required to keep an eye on the food through the glass gate of the oven. If you need to slow down the heating process, then you can easily, but carefully shift the rack to the middle position. You can find more details on commercial bakery racks on the site

Middle position: The perfect location for the oven racks is known to be the center position as it provides space to the hot air to circulate evenly around the food, making it perfectly cooked or baked. Foods such as pies, brownies, etc. can be made here.

Bottom position: The foods that need intense contact with the heat temperature are advised to be baked here, such as pizzas. It readies the food within minutes due to its close exposure to the heated surface of the oven. The pizza must be placed on the top rack after being baked for a broil touch.

These were some of the fantastic tips to make your food super delicious through microwave ovens and its ambiguous positioning of the oven racks.