What Is The Best Generation Of Lipo Laser Machine?

Lipo Laser has its three generation from the oldest one or also known as the first generation, then the second generation up to the third generation. These generations of lipolaser LED machines have been determined by the measure of its wavelengths. The wavelengths can be generated by the paddle diodes of the machine. You can find particular similarities between the Generation of Lipo Laser Machine, but the real difference between the three generations are its wavelength to be particular.

To better understand, you have to read the description of each generation which will be sited in this article. The first generation of lipolaser has a higher wavelength. If you know that the higher wavelength, the lesser the energy is, you might be aware that the oldest generation of lipolaser is not as effective of the latest generation which has a lower measure of wavelength. It has 670 nanometers of wavelength. Despite of that wavelength, it’s already a good start to remove certain body fats.

The second generation of lipolaser started producing wavelengths at 650 nanometers. Many clinics have started using this machine and you can find numerous people who have used this machine with satisfying results for them. Compare to the first generation, this machine is quite better. Actually, a lot of people use the second generation lipolaser instead of the first generation. http://knockyourhealth.com/lipolaser/tech/generations.php is great source of lipo machine.

As for the third generation of lipolaser machine, you can see that this one is better than the two mentioned generations. It has a wavelength of 635 nanometers and it can boost up to 640 nanometers. The third generation is obviously more accurate, quick, and effective.  It can immediately melt your body fats while tightening the skin of your body. You can notice that the wavelength is much lower compare to the last two generations making it to have a strong energy.

Which generation ate you going to use? In fact, the three generations of lipolaser machines work effectively despite of differences in wavelength. They may differ on how fast the result will be notice but sure thing is that your fats will be melted.